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Combining our 52 year experience with the last generation robotics technology we redefine the meaning of last mile deliveries by transporting your goods to your customers’ hands with speed and accuracy.
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Our Company

The Hellenic Transport Company ATHINAIKI S.A. has been active in the field of national transport since 1969.

With branches in the largest Greek cities and a wide network of representatives and correspondents, we cover the entire territory by providing a complete range of services.

In order to fully serve the needs of our customers, we are constantly trying to upgrade our fleet and facilities, which, combined with experienced and trained staff, enables us to ensure the level of service required in the commercial world.


What we stand for

Our first priority is to provide immediate service to our customers in order to supply them with fully integrated forwarding services, covering a wide range of Greek commerce.

Our focus on the continuous growth of our company is not negotiable.

Our commitment is that our services add value to our customers’ business.

Our vision is to become leaders in the provision of Transport & Forwarding Services.

Our employees are the most valuable asset of our company and we are determined to provide them with both personal as well as team development, offering a working environment tailored to this goal.

We are focused on overall quality and we believe that our customers’ problems are our problems.

Our relationships with our customers are close and we consider them to be our partners, having therefore common goals.


Team & Network

Human capital is the most important asset for the successful operation of ATHINAIKI SA.

Consisting of 96 permanent employees and over 120 partners, our family is the driving force for 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, of continuous operation.

Our company has distinct focus on 5 major areas:

  • Financial
  • Commercial
  • Operational
  • Customer service
  • Information Technology

Each of our 6 branches operates independently on the basis of the common specifications we have set, ensuring immediacy in serving our customers’ local needs.



Iraklion, Crete

Based on our nationwide network, we organize and execute on our customers’ behalf transport projects concerning deliveries throughout the entire country.

The success of these projects lies in the possibility of not only routing the deliveries, but also constantly monitoring their development so that we can intervene by dealing directly with any difficulties.


The Fleet

  • Beginning in 2010 we started creating our own fleet, which resulted in being able to cover directly most of our customers’ destinations, thus reducing forwarding under 20%.
  • The fleet consists of 26 privately owned trucks and vans, including 10 refrigerators, as well as 32 exclusive partners.
  • In this way, we ensure complete control of our clients’ work.
  • All vehicles are equipped with satellite positioning and temperature monitoring systems.
  • Strengthening our fleet is a key priority for the development of our activities.

Facilities & Equipment


Services & Certifications


ISO 9001:2015

GDPR Compiant.

HAACP Compiant for food transportation.

LIFE Green Your Route

A European innovative logistics platform for last mile delivery of goods in urban environment.

Environmental Problems

Freight transport is one of the most essential sectors for the economic development in EU. Nearly every economic activity in urban areas depends on the movement of goods throughout freight carriers.

Life Green Your Route (LIFE GYR) is an innovative logistics platform for last mile delivery of goods in urban environments, developed within the multidisciplinary approach of environmental engineering, computer science and operation research.

The aim of LIFE GYR project is to deliver and demonstrate to 5 SME’s in 3 different EU member states an innovative, smart and integrated green vehicle routing platform (i.e. an intelligent transportation planning and execution system) for last mile delivery. It will include a set of tools and services that will promote eco-efficient sustainable freight transfer operations in urban regions, via environmentally friendly vehicle routing decisions. At the same time, it will address driving eco requirements as well as operational cost efficiency, through an innovative environmental assessment approach.

Project Objectives

  • Reduce GHG and non-GHG emissions by solving green vehicle routing problems.
  • Demonstrate that environmentally friendly routing is also cost-saving.
  • Establish a sustainable GYR Company, also providing a GYR wire green certificate.
  • Special prices to customers that apply green procurement approaches to urban mobility.
  • Develop a significant network of customers for GYR Company in EU through regular dissemination activities and workshops.
  • Organize workshops and webinars to bring together SME’s and scientists around the issue of sustainable urban mobility.
  • Systematically monitor the environmental impact of the 5 demonstrators in 3 different EU countries that participate in the project.
  • Increase replicability and transferability of LIFE GYR by developing a credible replicability and transferability plan.


Investing in tracking technologies for both routing and shipping and having these available to our customers is one of our competitive strengths.

In cooperation with Digiworld Telematics and ALAS Tracking, our customers have the ability to track their shipments and export the data they require.


Moving the world intelligently

  • Smart Logistics
  • High Automation
  • High Efficiency
  • High Roi
  • High Flexibility